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On Gratitude
Part 8 in the series The Journey....
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Who is in
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Gratitude Articles
by Jean-Marie Manthei,
I believe in Marshmallow Trees.  I
snapped a picture of one that bloomed in
my yard in March 2006.  Never lose your
ability to see a Marshmallow Tree when it
presents itself.  You can still believe in
Marshmallow Trees even though you have
Formal Operational Thought.  I snap
photos for a hobby and it's led into some
creative things with photo books.  Also
got into some video art using the
Pinnacle editing software  On the more
serious side in work I work with others to
help them change belief systems they
want to change.  About me:  I'm honest;
I enjoy creative projects and working
with others.  I like to laugh and I'm a
sober spender.  Don't always think a tall,
glass of
bourgin is the way to heal from
stress, relationship problems or hobby &
interest deficits.  Then you cannot see
Marshmallow Trees and what a travesty
that would be.  

Five or so years ago I built this web in
space and I had no product and nothing
to sell.  Over several years I have made
my book into something that was  
published in the summer of 2010 after
much work and thought.  It's a new genre
of photo recovery art with text.  And it
is fun to read.  We are made it recession
reasonable to purchase.  
On Gratitude is
here.  It's not a how to book--it is a book
about beliefs and change and the
struggles with that.   
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