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Heal well.  Heal Responsibly. Jean Marie Manthei, MA, LPC, CACIII
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Jean-Marie Manthei, MA, LPC,
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On Gratitude: The Journey

On Gratitude: The Journey is a wholly original work. Blending psychology, poetry, and
photography, author Jean-Marie Manthei has compiled seeds of wisdom and pure expression in
this book, cataloguing her moods, thoughts, and philosophy into a single artifact, a beacon in
stormy weather to help guide all those in need of help. Dealing specifically with addiction and
the steps to recovery, On Gratitude acts as an abstract compass— rather than a stiff
prescription. It is inspiring and empathetic, preparing those about to enter recovery (or those
already in recovery) for the concurrent joys and challenges of their journey, and presents these
turbulent emotions artistically— through arresting photographs, through flashes of insight, and
through beautifully enigmatic passages of poetic earnestness.    
Ms. Manthei, herself a chemical dependency counselor (and recovering nicotine addict), speaks
with knowledge and from experience— but never with judgement. There is a real connection in
this book, as if the author is opening up her own inner world, airing her secrets and fears and
loves proudly in an intimate conversation with the reader. Even for those who have never
suffered from addiction, On Gratitude is still pertinent; it provides insights for handling
challenges and accepting the world that apply to all of humankind. And I’ve never quite read a
book like this. It is startling and raw and creative. Certain passages and photos just stick in the
brain and stay there— forcing one to re-read and re-see and re-understand their meaning, to
find a deeper and fuller meaning hidden beneath the words and images. On Gratitude is an
experience— and it is an experience I highly recommend.
                                                                                                                   —E. Lund

                                                      Phi Beta Kappa Review
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